Roger Federer Took A Photo With Steve Kerr Doppelganger Who Went Viral

By | March 19, 2024

Roger Federer’s recent encounter with a Steve Kerr lookalike at the Golden State Warriors game has sparked widespread fascination and amusement among fans and media alike. During halftime, Federer approached the Kerr doppelganger, Steve Gillis, and graciously took three selfies with him, acknowledging the uncanny resemblance between Gillis and the Warriors’ head coach.

For Gillis, who has often been mistaken for Kerr, the experience was surreal yet delightful. Despite the initial confusion, Federer’s kindness and willingness to take photos left Gillis wondering if the tennis legend had realized he wasn’t actually Kerr.

Gillis’ unexpected appearance at the game quickly went viral, with social media buzzing with side-by-side comparisons and humorous reactions. Gillis received an influx of messages and even made it onto SportsCenter, showcasing the power of social media in spreading viral moments.

Despite the lighthearted distraction, the Warriors faced a tough battle against the San Antonio Spurs on the court. However, Federer’s visit to the Chase Center brought an extra dose of excitement, as he showcased his basketball skills and shared heartwarming moments with Kerr and star player Stephen Curry.

Federer’s presence also held special significance due to the recent announcement that the Chase Center would host the eighth edition of the Laver Cup in 2025. As anticipation for the prestigious tennis event grew, Federer’s visit underscored the enduring connection between sports and the power to bring people together across different disciplines.

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