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By | April 23, 2024

For the past few months, there has been much speculation about Coco Gauff’s dating status. The discussion skyrocketed after she won the US Open, and it will jump once again after her and her rumored boyfriend’s recent Instagram posts. Valentine’s week has started, and Coco Gauff is not immune to the charms of it. Recently, the tennis sensation took a walk in the forest and uploaded a few pictures on her Instagram page.

She was amidst the serene beauty of the nature. Gauff uploaded a few pictures of birds and rabbits and shared them with her fans. However, fans were in for an additional treat. Her rumored boyfriend, Sera, commented, “Blooming :).” Gauff, reading the comment, replied, “a flower for a flower 🌺.”

Sera also uploaded pictures from the trip on his Instagram page. His post was rather different from Gauff’s post, as he shared many pictures of him in a bookstore. To the post, Gauff commented, “art.” Sera replied to her comment with “picasso“, which further evoked a reply from the US Open champion. She stated, “I like it.“

While they didn’t post pictures of each other on their respective Instagram pictures, it was clear they were out together. Their pictures had similar elements like nature, birds, and the same background too!

The two have left uplifting messages on their social media posts several times in the recent past, with conversations being seen more often. Gauff has not confirmed anything to the public yet. But with more and more instances of their interactions in the public space, the American star is likely close to revealing their bond.

Is Coco Gauff soft-launching her rumored boyfriend?
Well, that’s what her fans think. The athlete likes and comments on Sera’s Instagram and TikTok posts. Their frequent social interaction got fans talking about their relationship status. Now, their recent Instagram post seems to be pushing things further. But did you know Gauff left a huge hint about her relationship status after winning the 2023 US Open?

She was seen wearing a silver necklace. When asked about it by the media, she said, “The story behind the necklace, my boyfriend gave this to me. Infinity. I’m sure a lot of relationships look up to that symbol, so I’m not going to explain that. He gave that to me after I won US Open.”

As per the information available, Jalen Sera is a musician. He has been posting videos of him playing guitar on several social media platforms. He also has a YouTube channel for the same. The Atlanta-based guitarist has about 3.48k subscribers on YouTube.

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